Deicing Tips for the Holidays

on December 11, 2020 salt

Icy sidewalks and driveways can be dangerous for your family or for anyone who comes to your door. The delivery of holiday packages can be a hazard for your mail person if you are not taking care of the steps leading to your home. 

Advantage Salt Supply sells and distributes rock salt and ice melt products that can be used in your home or business. We offer two products for our ice melts, which include a propriety formula that is safe for the environment, kids, and pets. It is also safe to apply on concrete, brick, and landscaping. Our ice melts are granulated to optimize melting power, which results in less wasted material and lost time. 

When it comes to deicing your driveway or your business, we wanted to share some quick tips as we head into the coldest months of the year. 

Break the Bond 

Deicer is not made to completely melt ice. It works by “lowering the freezing point of water, helping to loosen snow and ice,” according to RGJ. This can be a common misconception, and homeowners are prone to over-salting their sidewalks, expecting the ice to disappear before their eyes. 

Instead, use a shovel and an ice scraper to break the ice off the pavement after you have let the deicer work based on the product-specific instructions. 

Get Rid of Snow 

When you decide to start tackling the ice that has formed on your property, begin by shoveling off the top layer of snow and any ice you can take off. Once there is no more snow, you can put the deicer onto the ice surface. This makes it easier for the ice to break down, and you will use less product. 

Ice Evenly and Carefully 

While Advantage Salt Supply only uses environmentally safe ice melt pellets. Icing evenly and carefully will spread a uniform layer over the surface and help it work properly. Also, as you deice, watch that you keep the pellets on the cement or pavers, and are not accidentally spreading it over the grass. 

Mix in Sand 

You can mix sand with your salt as you spread it around the driveway, which will increase your traction on the ice and decrease how much deicer you will use. 

Store Deicer 

Store your deicer properly so that it stays dry and you can maintain its effectiveness. 

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