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Advantage Salt Supply offers bag, pallet, and bulk salt deliveries for residential and commercial customers.

Salt Supply Products

Salt for Water Softeners

Most traditional water softeners use water softener salt. Salt acts as a filter to break down contaminants that exist in the water supply. We offer two types of salt for residential water softeners: solar salt and solar salt with rust out. We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we offer salt delivery as a package to our residential customers. Not only is this a convenient option for ordering salt, but it's also less expensive than purchasing your salt from the store! Customers can order water softener salt by the bag or pallet. Call us today to set up your delivery!

We serve many industries, including food service, hospitality, healthcare, water softening companies, and more. Businesses can purchase commercial-size orders of water softener salt by the pallet from Advantage Water Conditioning or by the truckload from Advantage Salt Supply. 

Solar Salt

To convert hard water to soft, you can use solar salt crystals in your water softener. These crystals are naturally white, opaque, and made of high purity salt. The use of solar salts in water softeners minimizes waste accumulation in the brine tank, keeping the water softener clean and trouble-free.

For 1-41 bags

(50 lb each)


w/ $5 delivery charge

42 or more

(50 lb each)


w/ $10 delivery charge

Truckload pricing

(in 40 lb or 50 lb increments)

from $3.20/bag

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1 ton bag of salt

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Solar Salt Rust-Out

Both city water supplies and water wells contain iron minerals. Rust stains are a good indicator that iron is present in the water. Salt mixtures produced for water containing iron are specially formulated. These layers of salt protect from stains on clothing, appliances, sinks, and bathtubs. They also reduce the build-up of mold, bridges, and rust in soapy water, keeping your water softening system running smoothly.


(40 lb each)

w/ $5 delivery charge


Truckload pricing

(in 40 lb or 50 lb increments)

from $3.45/bag

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Pneumatic Salt

Pneumatic salt is bulk salt delivery that is either blown in by a hose or dropped from the bottom of the truck into a pit. This selection is most used in the manufacturing and heathcare industries since they tend to use salt at a faster rate. Pneumatic salt allows them to save money and simplify the delivery process.

Truckload Pricing


*plus Freight

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Other Salt Supply Products

Ice Melt & Rock Salt

We offer two products for our ice melts, which provide a proprietary formula that creates environmental, kid, and pet-friendly products. This formula is also safer for concrete, brick pavers, and landscaping, significantly reducing corrosion of metals common when using straight rock salt or calcium chloride. Our ice melts are granulated to optimize melting power resulting in less wasted material and lost time. Both our ice melt and rock salt is available by the pallet from Advantage Water Conditioning or by the truckload from Advantage Salt Supply.

Ice Melt

(50 lb bags)


Ice Melt

(by the skid)


Ice Melt

(Truckload Pricing)


*plus Freight

Rock Salt

(Truckload Pricing)


*plus Freight

Pool Grade Salt

High-salt environments help to kill bacteria, which comes in handy if you have unexpected clean-up needs. Because of these bacteria-killing properties, pool grade salt is popular for customers in industries such as hospitality. It's essential to keep an ample supply of this kind of salt readily available. Pool grade salt is available by the truckload from Advantage Salt Supply.

Truckload deliveries
to high-volume customers
Commercial Salt Delivery

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