Commercial Water Softener Systems

Industrial & Commercial Soft Water Needs

For businesses, treating your water is necessary. You want to ensure that you are meeting your customers' water needs at every turn. These needs include having soft water for things such as laundry machines or dishwashers. In addition to meeting your customers' needs, your business also benefits from substantial initial long-term cost savings when you use soft water.

Soft water allows you to improve the efficiency of your equipment and reduce your energy and water consumption. Our products suit all business needs, and we can customize them for tanks sized at least four cubic feet. Our commercial water softeners are considered the best equipment on the market. Even better, our prices are unbeatable!

Commercial Water Softener Products

Fleck Control Valve (twin tank)

  • 1.5" to 3" top mount control valve
  • Recommended for twin-tank systems
  • Lead-free brass valve body for superior strength and durability
  • Designed for single or multiple tank systems
  • Fully adjustable cycle control for an efficient and reliable water treatment system
  • Rugged-built electromechanical timer
  • Environmental protective cover for water resistance, corrosion resistance, and UV stability

Clack WSEE Control Valve (single)

  • 1.5" to 3" top mount control valve
  • Recommended for single-tank systems
  • Four methods to initiate regeneration
  • Optional double backwash feature
  • Fully-adjustable cycle times
  • Reliable and proven DC drive
  • Epoxy coated body
  • One-piece expanding seal spacer stack assembly

Water Softener Considerations

  • What is the size of the current plumbing that we will be tying into your water softener system?
  • How many tables does your restaurant serve?
  • Do you need to soften hot or cold water?
  • How many rooms are there in your hotel?
  • How many gallons of water does your business use in a day?
  • How many hours a day will soft water be needed?
Meet Customers Needs

Meet your customers' needs and save money for your business.

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