The Pros of Water Softeners for Multi-Family Residences

on June 02, 2023 commercial residential

For multi-family property owners, maintaining a good tenant experience and avoiding major complaints is paramount to your business’ success. You may perceive water quality and hardness as minor factors, but hard water can have a significant negative impact on a guest’s experience and the likelihood of them booking another stay or renewing their lease. Here are a few ways that a water softener can give your property a boost in efficiency, quality, and retention. 

Better resident experience 

Frequent complaints from short-term guests and long-term residents usually involve bath products not working well, skin and hair feeling dry, and water from faucets tasting bad. If you’re a property manager of a hotel or a short-term rental complex, customer satisfaction plays a major role in attracting and retaining customers. For those who have longer-term tenants in apartments or dorms, water quality could affect the difference between a renewed lease and a one-contract tenant. 

When you use a water softener for your multi-family residence, your tenants and guests will have an improved experience in multiple aspects of their stay. Water softeners can improve your residents’ skin and hair in the bathroom as well as their dishes and drinking water in the kitchen. Your residents will find that their cleaning and personal care products work better with softened water. If your property provides laundry services or machines that use soft water, your residents and staff will have greater satisfaction when laundering clothes and linens. 

cleaning bathroom

Easier cleaning 

For property managers, keeping individual and communal spaces clean is crucial to keeping your guests and tenants happy with their stay. If your property uses hard water, cleaning bathrooms throughout a guest’s stay can take a long time thanks to scale build-up. For those who have long-term tenants, these residents may not clean as often as needed to prevent scaling. Your staff will have to work harder to clean bathrooms in either case – they’ll need to use more products and more physical effort to remove hard water deposits. This time seems short for just one bathroom, but it can lead to hours of extra effort and reduced efficiency. 

Because a water softener reduces the presence of minerals, you, your cleaning staff, and your residents will save time and money cleaning. Soft water helps to produce a better lather with your cleaning products, and water spots are less likely to appear on smooth surfaces. Your residents will have an easier time removing dirt, build-up, and residue from surfaces, and turnovers will be a bit quicker between tenants. 

Lower maintenance costs 

Hard water can have a significant impact on your property and resident experience. The calcium and magnesium in hard water build up into mineral deposits that can adversely affect your property’s appliances. From small details like spots left on dishes and glass to major issues like shortened appliance lifespans, hard water will slowly but surely have negative effects on property managers such as increased repairs and maintenance costs. Depending on the scale of your property, the costs can exponentially increase with a higher number of appliances. 

With a water softener, your property’s water heaters, showerheads, toilets, sink fixtures, and other appliances can run more efficiently due to the reduced presence of minerals. By trapping mineral deposits before they harden into solid buildup, your appliances have a reduced risk of clogs, lowered flow rates, and reduced efficiency. The increased efficiency enables your maintenance staff to spend less time on repairs and replacements. 

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Finding the right solution for your property 

When looking for a water softener for your residential property, there are several factors that you need to consider. Here are some questions that you should answer when you’re preparing to look for the water softener that best fits your needs: 

  •    • What is the size of the current plumbing that will tie into the water softener? 
  •    • How many rooms are on my property? 
  •    • Do I need to soften hot or cold water? 
  •    • How many gallons of water does my property use a day? 

At Advantage Water Conditioning, our products can be customized to fit your property’s needs. Our Indy Water Pros are here to help you improve your water and your property’s efficiency while giving you substantial long-term savings. Contact us today to create a better experience for your residents and guests.