4 Ways Hard Water is Affecting Your Hair

on March 27, 2018 health

Living in an area with hard water can affect you and your household from skin and hair issues to decreased lifespan of appliances. One of the most noticeable ways is how hard water affects your hair. Stringy, unmanageable hair is the last thing that anyone wants, and it can be a real headache. There are several ways the hard water in your home could be changing your hair and multiple things you can do to prevent it.

Hard Water Means Half as Clean

One of the first hard water effects that we see is that shampoo reacts poorly with hard water. Hard water makes it harder for your shampoo to lather. This puts a big dent in washing your hair properly, as the shampoo can't penetrate to the hair shaft. It's as if you've only washed your hair halfway.

Bye-Bye Hair Color

The second hard water aggravation to look out for is the color fading quickly from your hair coloring. Color-safe shampoo and conditioners won't be enough to make your recent salon visit last when you're fighting with hard water. The contaminants take hold of your hair and strip out essential hair oils, leaving your hair weak and vulnerable to color loss.

Tangles Hurt

Also, hard water makes your hair feel dry, rough and tangled. This happens because the once smooth hair shaft becomes rough when hardened water makes the roof-like shingles stand up. You'll never be able to rinse out all of your shampoo when your hair is standing on end like that. Forget about being able to comb your hair. Styling will be a nightmare due to the excess minerals weighing your hair down or causing it to frizz!

Rinse and Repeat

Lastly, hard water will cause soap and shampoo to leave a nasty film behind on your hair. Excess minerals like calcium and magnesium are left behind by hard water. When mixed with shampoo or soap, these minerals form calcium and magnesium salts that cause a film to appear on your hair. It's a never-ending hair-washing cycle just to remove the film.

You can prevent these hair problems quickly by installing a water softening system in your home. Water softeners will add the proper conditioners to your water supply while removing harsh contaminants, and your hair will be back to normal in no time.

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