Why Does Soft Water Feel Slippery?

on April 25, 2019 water softener household

What Does Soft Water Feel Like?

Most people discover what soft water feels like while in the shower. With soap being naturally slippery, softened water can easily trick people. They are continuously rinsing themselves off under the water, yet still feel covered in soap.

These bathers can rest easy. They are cleaner than they’ve ever been. What they are experiencing is simply science.

The Science of It All

Hard water contains an abundance of calcium and magnesium ions. When these ions react with soap, they prevent it from lathering, so often people will use more soap than necessary. Then, when rinsing the soap off in the hard water, the ions in the water leave a crusty residue on the skin.

With soft water, sodium and potassium ions replace the calcium and magnesium. Sodium and potassium allow soap to mix with water, so it instantly lathers better. When rinsed away, the skin is not covered in soap scum. What people are feeling is their skin's own natural hydration instead of a scummy residue.


What Can You Do About It?

If it’s taking longer than you’d like to rinse with soft water, make sure you aren’t using too much soap – a habit you may have gotten into with hard water. Another option if you are having trouble adjusting to this new clean: soften only your hot water. When you take a shower, mix the hot and cold water, so the water you’re showering with isn’t overly softened.

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